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Partnering with Fitness and Food has meant a tailored, flexible and cost effective way to bring a positive culture of health and improved productivity to ABB in the UAE. We now have willing participation of our employees to improve not only their physical wellbeing, but of their families as well, which will mean being better consumers of theirs and the company’s health dollars. The Fitness and Food team understands diversity in culture and modifies their approach to the way they deliver fitness and nutrition coaching. It is truly making a difference to our organisation’s ability to stay competitive and productive

Gary Foote, Regional Health, Safety and Environment Manager, India, Middle East and Africa

Shell Markets Middle East Ltd undertook a significant change project and the management team were keen to ensure that the team’s wellbeing was addressed during the transition. Fitness and Food put together a bespoke Wellbeing programme that ran throughout the duration covering a range of “Be Well” areas in a manner that engaged staff on an individual as well as a team level. Feedback surveys completed by staff provided both quantitative and qualitative evidence that the Wellbeing programme was valued by the Shell team. Overall, Fitness and Food contributed to the success of the change project and has made a positive impact on the lifestyle of many staff

Richard Jory - Head of Shell Markets Middle East

In the post programme evaluation, 100% of the participants of the Sheikh Abdul Aziz bin Humaid Leadership programme said that Fitness and Food’s Health & Nutrition module “enabled them to cope better with the demands of my work” and “allowed me to make positive changes in my exercise routine and nutrition choices”

Leadership Programme Participants

Fitness and Food. Your Expert source for Corporate Wellness.

At Fitness and Food, we believe that health promotion is an investment in human capital.

In optimal physical and psychological health, employees perform up to 40% better than those with health risks.

 We deliver worksite wellness programmes that improve morale, increase recruitment and retention and dramatically lower health care costs for concrete bottom line results.

We work with progressive individuls and companies to get ahead of rising health care costs and help reduce health risks – all by changing employee behaviours with respect to their fitness and nutrition choices.

Employees spend more than half of their waking hours at work – so it makes sense that the work place is the right place to make a positive impact on employee health and wellness….Research has proven that simple changes – by moving more and understanding nutrition – can have a significant impact on the health and productivity of today’s workforce.

Companies can’t afford..to address their employees’ cognitive capacities while ignoring their physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing. When they feel strong and resilient, they perform better, with more passion, for longer.

The Making of a Corporate Athlete, Loehr & Schwartz

Participants are provided access to tools and resources that empower them to make healthy choices:

  • Advanced Health Risk Assessments: The 1st step in developing an effective wellness programme is understanding the health status and risks of the employee population. We provide work-site testing of basic and advanced health indicators such as blood pressure, body fat, cholesterol and glucose.
  • Easy to understand, traffic-light indicator-based personal results reports that provide practical nutrition and exercise next steps to improve overall health
  • Professional & targeted coaching solutions to address common health risks e.g. Workshops on Blood Pressure Management, Why Diets don’t Work, Short, effective workouts for the Busy Professional
  • Communication and collateral to support wellness initiatives: e-newsletters, posters, workplace wellness challenges
  • Group and personal exercise sessions that include circuits, interval training, pilates and yoga 

About Fitness and Food

We’re passionate about the work we do to improve lives through healthy living… and focus on five simple pillars for the prevention of common lifestyle-related issues: Clean eating, Fitness, Stress reduction, Developing strong support systems and Access to Reliable information

With over 20 years in the Middle East with a broad and deep knowledge base in exercise and nutrition, we form close professional relationships with a diversity of cultures, and tailor wellness programming to suit differences in profiles/customs/preferences. We take time to understand you and your business and help you decide what services will be the most helpful. We know that building a culture of wellness takes time and that one size does not fit all. We have worked within and with the corporate environment longer than any other wellness provider here – and believe that this gives us an distinct advantage.

About Roohi Hamlani – Lead Corporate Wellness Coach

Roohi started Fitness and Food in 2009. With an MA in Biochemistry from Oxford, as a Canadian certified Nutritionist and Fitness trainer and with a corporate marketing career spanning 14 years, she uses a scientific basis for integrating fitness and nutrition programmes – for a client base whose wellness challenges she understands through first hand experience.

Email: roohi@fitnessandfood.ae

Mobile: +971 050 305 4502

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